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At Wing Tsun Martial Arts, we believe that the mindset, critical thinking skills, and general fitness of training Leung Ting WingTsun Kung Fu is of a great benefit to the health of individuals and society. As such we wish to create an avenue for expanding the reach of Wing Tsun Martial Arts with the following goals:

  • Provide high quality Self Defense training in a positive learning environment by means of good community, fun, and in-depth knowledge of WingTsun Kung Fu.
  • To grow the art of Leung Ting WingTsun Kung Fu, making it accessible to a larger population throughout the Chicagoland Area and eventually the rest of Illinois and the United States.
  • To empower individuals with the transformative skills of Wing Tsun and Tai Chi. We are dedicated to helping others discover their inner strength, build confidence, and achieve balance in their lives.


Wing Tsun (also spelled Wing Chun) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense known for its emphasis on using an opponent’s force against them, rather than directly opposing it. Through techniques such as strikes, kicks, grappling, and controlled close-quarters combat, Wing Tsun practitioners learn the skills need to defend themselves and those around them.


An unarmed self-defense system recommended by the FBI-HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) and the German Special Forces GSG9, among various law enforcement agencies across the globe.


Invented by women, the system does not rely on physical strength or toughness, as these factors are often in favor of the attacker anyway. WingTsun uses body mechanics, geometry, physics and simple logic.


Through WingTsun-specific training you learn how to use your natural reflexes which bypass the thought process and are therefore faster than your opponent’s conscious reactions.


No mass ’military-style’ training, but hands-on instruction. The instructor teaches and corrects students individually.

Traditionally Untraditional

We always strive to find the most economical and safe approach in unarmed combat. The development of WingTsun Kung Fu is ongoing, and always improving.

Taoism In Motion

A very effective means of unarmed self-defense, influenced by the principles of WuWei, Yin and Yang, and other elements.

To really be able to defend yourself means that you should never expect your attacker to hold back, and also that you should be able to (temporarily) incapacitate him effectively. Strength or agility should not be decisive factors in a self defense situation; very often it is non-athletes and women who may be subjected to physical abuse and threats.

WingTsun Kung Fu has the unique distinction of being a martial art that anyone can master regardless of physical strength, speed or endurance. Most martial arts depend on fighters possessing certain physical attributes, such as strength, speed and endurance, for their effectiveness. Take, for example, boxing. There is a reason there are weight divisions, pairing fighters of similar size or weight. A heavy-weight-class boxer will always outclass the feather-weight-class boxer within the rules of boxing.

Regulated sports are entirely different from self-defence situations where there can be no expectation of fairness or adherence to rules. A WingTsun fighter is trained to expect anything: from kicks to the groin, to strikes to the eyes, to grappling, kicking and so forth. With sufficient training in WingTsun Kung Fu, students can compensate for, if not overcome those factors that may be in favor of the opponent, such as strength, speed, and endurance.

Any person who does not have significant physical disabilities can acquire a feeling for instinctive reactions through regular WT-training. And the newly acquired self-confidence and physical experience that come from even a short period of intensive training lead WingTsun Kung Fu students to become more relaxed after a short time. The WingTsun teaching methodology gives students regular feedback on their level of progress. Through the nature of WT training and also the recognition of your own skill level increasing and thus your ability to defend yourself from an aggressor, comes an inner peace.

Although the best defense is to walk away from trouble, you may not always have the opportunity of avoiding physical attacks. If you cannot walk away or stare your opponent down, then you need the ability to face the attacker aggressively, neither leaving him time nor space to organize his attack. You need to be able to put the attacker on the defense.

WingTsun™-fighters use even the smallest weakness of an attack to gain control of the opponent by initiating multiple attacks on sensitive areas. The feeling for the right moment to act, to react, to move with the opponent’s greater force and also to attack determinedly are really the core of WingTsun Kung Fu training which leads to increased self-confidence.

All this and more is offered at WingTsun Martial Arts in Glenview, a school that teaches an authentic martial art which has never lost sight of its original intention: realistic self-defense against a non-compliant opponent.

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